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TOM pg 131/150

TOM page 130/150

TOM page 129/150

Drones! Dust!

TOM pg 123/150

Everyone loves a funny bad guy. (I think?)

TOM pg 097

Professional bad guys are always scary.

TOM pg 088

‘The machine can’t just take itself away, can it?’ …um… 

‘I don’t think you’d find sh*t in a sewer, bud’

Bad guys always get the best lines!

TOM pg 086

Tension + Humour always go well together.

TOM pg 081

Keeping the intrigue going (hopefully), with multiple story-threads…

T.O.M. pg 077

One huge advantage of ‘underground’ movies, is they can go places that studios (such as Disney+) would surely be frightened to enter? So why not lean into that?  
Plus A.I. is The Philosophical Issue of our time. So surely a huge & growing audience for conversations like this? 
(In terms of pacing, inspiration came from Godard’s classic ‘À bout de Souffle’, which grants a few minutes in the middle of the movie to an important & mentally-nourishing philosophical interlude)

T.O.M. pg 071

Because every movie concerning dreams needs a few good dream sequences.