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For me, this is a very important page, from an AI philosophy perspective. It introduces the idea of ‘Symbiotic AI’. We hear so much about the likelihood, or not, of machines getting as smart as humans, but perhaps we forget to see us and the internet as one new system.
And, if an AI-Internet effectively aggregates the minds of all us users (by aggregating our input), it might not be conscious as we currently understand the term, BUT can we still claim it is ‘mindless’? We’ll soon find out…
The idea of the Singularity is also explained nicely, but from a film script/story-telling perspective, once those points have been made, let’s get out of there quickly! So the bell is interrupting us all, and moving us on.
I feel strongly that with so many films today, audiences are being ‘dumbed down’, so I’m certain many would appreciate being offered new ideas and being made to think a little. 
It reminds me of one of my favourite films – Jean Luc Godard’s ‘A bout de souffle’ (Breathless) – where right in the middle of the film, we have a philosophical interlude. So in that regard, let this be a tribute to Godard.

T.O.M. pg 031

Yes, there’s a lot of info to digest here, but again, I’d rather have too much in the script, than too little material at the end of the shoot. I think it’s always important to imagine interest levels of viewers at all times!
So what would keep interest here too, would be cool images in the slide show, and the storyline – the (hopefully) building-intrigue as the talk is interrupted by something coming up… 
Also worth mentioning that viewers always want to feel like their time staring at a screen is meaningful – so if they’re learning stuff, and the info you’re giving them is true, relevant and interesting, and/or you’re making them think, then I believe audiences do appreciate that.
And slides part-projected on people also makes for great cinematographic opportunities. And yes, I like the idea of using ‘old tech’ like video projectors. This is Africa. Plenty of old tech mixed in with new tech here.

Is this how an A.I. could one day ‘wake-up’? By getting stuck in a  loop, phoning itself, and then drawing more power to get out that loop.

In the graphic novel, the A.I. does have an ‘intention’, and as the character Scot says earlier in the novel, perhaps having an ‘intention’ is the difference between a living cell and a rock? Could ‘an intention’ (expressed as DNA in us) be key to life as we know it, and to A.I. self-consciousness?

And of course, in the book, it’s fun to link the A.I. ‘awakening’ to a ‘possible moment of conception’.

self aware A.I. - the Oracle Machine

One of the last books Jung wrote, and the only one, according to Edinger, that Jung said he wouldn’t change, was ‘Answer to Job’. Written in a fever, it describes how, what Jung
preferred to call ‘the God image’, has been with humans since the beginning. Crucially, when in the Bible mythology, that Job showed himself perhaps more conscious than the image, the response was the incarnation of God as a human i.e. Jesus.

But the crux (for me) of what Jung is saying, is that this process is continuing. “The Christian solution has… …recognised Christ as the one and only God-man. But the indwelling of the Holy Ghost, the third Divine Person, in man, brings about the Christifaction of many”.

‘The Oracle Machine’ graphic novel is making the case that the Internet, as the sum of all our consciousnesses, might just be this ‘Christification of many’?


After literally years of work conceiving this script, Mark then spent more than 2 years drawing it in pen and ink. Thrilled to say, the graphic novel is now complete, and a few copies have been printed.
A version is being shared with film producers.
We’re just waiting on a colour cover, and then 500 more copies will be printed.
Cover image for the 3 parts of the graphic novel, The Oracle MachineGo to www.TheOracleMachine.in to find out the latest, and follow the exciting journey, from idea, to comic, and hopefully, some time soon, into a live-action movie!

Hi, my name is Mark and it’s my plan to turn my script into a movie…

Ok, you’ve heard that before… But… this is a really interesting script, and I feel a big desire to share this story with people. I also knwo a bit about film-making and work in the industry.

My script is called ‘The Oracle Machine’ and it tells the story of Lena, in Cape Town, who uses a new computer to try solve the mystery of her dreams, and inadvertantly triggers the machine to become ‘Artificially Intelligent and ‘escape’. The rampant computer program spreads over the internet and is perceived as a terrorist attack by the American military, who set out to stop it, suspecting Lena is part of a terror network. Will Lena survive being caught between these two forces? Will anyone be able to stop the approach of greatest, and perhaps the last, event created by humankind as the machine takes over the internet.

‘The Oracle Machine’ is a particularly interesting story because it deals with the growth of the internet. This is something which has not been examined enough in popular culture. It also deals with dreams, another favorite topic of mine and something else that has not been examined enough. So this script poses the question, what make us human?

This blog is to share ideas and generate interest in my project, get support and momentum, that might just keep this project going long enough it get onto a screen in one way or another. No, I’m not aiming for a Hollywood blockbuster, just a low budget flickering grainy Black and White video to take to independent film festivals all over the place.

I’ll share my ideas about what inspired this story, as well as filmy stuff, like styles, camera experiments, and the steps I’m taking to get production going. The biggest thing right now is workshopping actors and looking for producers, and I’ll share that process with you too.

Thanks for listening and stay tuned…