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TOM page 107

Make every scene count! (& try make every page a page turner)

TOM pg 102

Action! Cars! Table Mountain!
One of my favourite pages.
(I like to think my drawings finally started to improve, once I had 101 finished pages under my belt…)

TOM pg 095

Cape Town has some incredible vistas, so why not incorporate them to add value to the film? This fantastic location is our iconic Lion’s Head, with Table Mountain behind. (Too many foreign films, shot in Cape Town, try their best to hide the mountains…)
(On a side note, some might notice that hopefully my drawing improved slightly during the course of illustrating out the screenplay – with bigger scene frames, sharper lines etc.
Drawing is a skill that requires regular exercise though, for me anyway. Been a year since I picked up a pencil. Damn.)

T.O.M. pg 072

Finally, a scene without dialogue… (The setting is Sea Point, and that’s Lion’s Head mountain in the background. Cape Town is a stunning movie location, especially when it’s starring as Cape Town; not doubling as some other foreign locale)

I think characters need to be flawed, in order to have space to grow (or not), and therein lies half the story, and the satisfying internal journey of the narrative.

p.s. Table Mountain by night, especially if it’s lit up, makes for an amazing backdrop

It’s always nice to show-off our spectacular Table Mountain, which is completely under-represented in films.
Also important to take a break from ‘action’ and ‘talking scenes’, and show a character on their own.

T.O.M. page 003

Decided it might be fun to start adding some direction notes too. 😉