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TOM page 148/150

At the risk of stating the obvious, seems to me that shared (& often secret) experiences are at the heart of relationships. (Hey, maybe some of us forget that sometimes?)

TOM pg 102

Action! Cars! Table Mountain!
One of my favourite pages.
(I like to think my drawings finally started to improve, once I had 101 finished pages under my belt…)

TOM pg 097

Professional bad guys are always scary.

TOM pg 093

An earlier version of the screenplay (there were many…) had this as a fight, Kloppers vs Scot. To shorten the film, I instead saved the fight for the end only. But again, if this was Mission Impossible, fights would here, there & everywhere. 
In filmmaking, there are always many options! And this is a WIP, so the options remain. Nothing is off the table, until the edit is locked.