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TOM pg 149/150

Almost the end… (‘beautiful end, my friend’ as sung by The Doors)

TOM pg 147/150

After our protagonists’ glimpse across the universe, normality returns.
(But will things ever be the same?)

TOM page 145/150

Because a ‘grand-ideas’ screenplay needs a grand ending!

TOM page 144/150

Conceiving the inconceivable… (My favourite page)

TOM pg 143/150

I was tempted, after the top panel, to have our hero Scot say ‘So you’re the code-word?’, but of course that would have made it a different type of screenplay…

TOM page 142/150

In the frozen moments of time, our heroes witness the AI resurrection!
(And yes, it gets even grander…)

TOM pg 137/150

Generally I found it hard to put every shot I imagined, onto the page, but for this cool sequence, I took the time…

TOM page 136/150


TOM page 134/150

The Final Showdown! Or maybe not… (The desert-type location can be both beautiful & cost-effective* to film in!)
*Cost-effective for Cape Town productions – we have some exceptional sparse regions close by.

TOM page 133/150

Everyone likes to share their experiences with someone. Everyone likes a witness…