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TOM pg 110

Keeping things moving! (At last, another non-verbal page)

TOM page 107

Make every scene count! (& try make every page a page turner)

TOM pg 104

Okay, I’d like to point out van-truck collisions don’t need to break the budget. Yes, we would need a ‘wrecked’ van… (perhaps one could be found at a scrap yard?) But actual collisions can be implied.
See my short film ‘Die Hel’ (link here), at about 1 min 30sec, for a great example of a super-cheap car-person collision. 

TOM pg 103

Nothing quite like a careening van, for tension on the go!

TOM page 101a

Eyes in the sky! Military drones over Cape Town’s Cape Peninsula.
With that we wrap the often-difficult Act 2, & race into the thrilling Act 3 final-explosive-spectacular showdown!

TOM page 100

TOM pg 098

What’s scarier than a professional bad guy? An out-of-control-psycho professional bad guy.

TOM pg 093

An earlier version of the screenplay (there were many…) had this as a fight, Kloppers vs Scot. To shorten the film, I instead saved the fight for the end only. But again, if this was Mission Impossible, fights would here, there & everywhere. 
In filmmaking, there are always many options! And this is a WIP, so the options remain. Nothing is off the table, until the edit is locked.

T.O.M. page 076

‘It’s just evolution in action, I tell you!’ (Nobody panic)

T.O.M. pg 075

Talking on phones isn’t particularly visually exciting, so best to keep it short & snappy. And hey, page 075 – we’re halfway through! Plenty of action coming soon.