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TOM page 148/150

At the risk of stating the obvious, seems to me that shared (& often secret) experiences are at the heart of relationships. (Hey, maybe some of us forget that sometimes?)

TOM pg 120/150

I know, I know, it’s hard to imagine a tiny old-school box ruling the Internet, but it’s meant to be the tip of a pyramid of control. I may need to work on making it more impressive?
But hey, this is the point & power of a working script document.

TOM page 100

TOM pg 098

What’s scarier than a professional bad guy? An out-of-control-psycho professional bad guy.

T.O.M. page 076

‘It’s just evolution in action, I tell you!’ (Nobody panic)

T.O.M. page 051B

Act 2 begins & the (human) adventure continues… 

On a side note, I do think poetry is seriously misunderstood & underestimated. Yet it’s all around us, both in how we take in and understand the world, and how we express ourselves. Go Poetry!

It’s always nice to show-off our spectacular Table Mountain, which is completely under-represented in films.
Also important to take a break from ‘action’ and ‘talking scenes’, and show a character on their own.

“A machine that can order people to do things…”
I like to think there’s some interesting/important A.I. philosophy in here.
That’s partly what drives me to keep taking this project forwards.

Still establishing characters.
In film scripts, each page is supposed to correspond to about 1 minute of film time. It’s more like 30 seconds of screen time with my illustrated script here.