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TOM page 142/150

In the frozen moments of time, our heroes witness the AI resurrection!
(And yes, it gets even grander…)

TOM pg 101b

The third & final Act begins at pace!

TOM pg 081

Keeping the intrigue going (hopefully), with multiple story-threads…

T.O.M. pg 070

Bond-style bad-guy action! (I didn’t normally draw out such granular detail of every shot, but thought it would be needed/dark-fun here)

T.O.M. pg 064

Wasn’t so when I wrote it but… as of last month,¬†#AI¬†learning from videos is now a thing – see this article here. So AI can now presumably watch youtube videos too, and go beyond object recognition, & learn actions & consequences (much like a human child). I think this has huge implications.
The interview sequence is me in the comic – based on an interview I once did with a Himba queen in Namibia, who explained how she uses dreams to get advice from her deceased parents. Fascinating! (And common practice in Sub-Saharan Africa, and perhaps something we all do unconsciously too.)

Just realised I left out page 62. Oops! Sorry folks, here it is – raising the important question, when will we take orders from machines (and how will we know)?

T.O.M. pg 063

Building the intrigue… (And of course couldn’t resist having a Cape Town icon like Lion’s Head mountain in the picture)

T.O.M. page 061

A comic touch? With the prospects & potentials of A.I. so wide & weird, a light-hearted approach is vital. (A.I. also gives this project a potentially vast audience. Humanity needs to talk about A.I.!) 

T.O.M. pg 060

Characters are not supposed to be likeable to everyone, but true to themselves.

T.O.M. pg 059