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TOM pg 140/150


(Keeping audiences guessing is vital)

(even if audiences have a strong suspicion of what might come next…)

TOM page 134/150

The Final Showdown! Or maybe not… (The desert-type location can be both beautiful & cost-effective* to film in!)
*Cost-effective for Cape Town productions – we have some exceptional sparse regions close by.

TOM page 132/150

I know, it’s a little hard to imagine a tiny box announcing the imminent arrival of the Tech Singularity but hey, it’s a SciFi movie, & it’s supposed to represent the tip of a tech pyramid/iceberg…

TOM pg 131/150

TOM pg 126/150

Action! Drones! Tension. Excitement! (Building up for a big fun ending…)

TOM pg 124/150

I like the idea of making audiences think a little. It draws them in, & rewards them when they see the answers unfold. Hitchcock & murder mysteries are wildly popular, partly for this reason.

TOM pg 119/150

Since film crews play such a big part in creating builds for awesome events like Afrikaburn (our version of Burning Man), that for a scene like this, I think I could just turn the cameras on the crew…

TOM pg 115

Yes, it’s starting to look like an Afrikaburn-type scenario ahead (our version of Burning Man).

TOM page 107

Make every scene count! (& try make every page a page turner)

TOM pg 106

When the¬†#AI¬†phones you…

(Apologies for not publishing page yesterday, but our beautiful mountain was calling, on a sunny blue-sky day)