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T.O.M. pg 030

I had to adjust the text now to reflect the speed at which AI is now developing – doubling in power every 3 months! Crazy times. Incidentally, some people imagine a script is set in stone, where in fact it’s just a working document. There are always 3 stages to a script – the writer’s version before production, the version during production, and the final script after the editors are done.
They can all be quite different. ‘Blade Runner’ is a great example, if you compare Ridley Scott’s finished film to Hampton Francher’s script. 

Some more stories this week that show how fast things are moving now. This article about a new supercomputer also mentioned how OpenAI researchers showed that the amount of ‘compute’ used in A.I. between 2012 and 2018 doubled every 3.5 months, far exceeding Moore’s Law, which predicts a doubling every 18 months.

Meanwhile, this article suggests we’ll have bionic eyes within 5 years. The Oracle Machine only dared to predict digital lenses!

My graphic novel also talks about hackers being able to destroy computers remotely by ‘switching voltage on the processors’. Whilst I suspect most computers surely have defences against this, it seems Chinese researchers have found a loophole whereby hackers could at least set some smart chargers alight with a ‘BadPower attack’.
Warning – crazy times ahead.