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Hacking into military drones, as in ‘The Oracle Machine‘ graphic novel, might seem implausible to some, but there is historic precedent of such incidents.

In 2011, the famous U.S.A. Creech Airforce base suffered a security breach, when a keystroke logger virus infected multiple machines. (Read about it in Wired, or The Guardian)

It’s thought removable hard-drives ‘breached the gap’ between classified and public networks. So maybe a drone pilot was loading up some music downloads to fly with?


It’s only fair to pay homage to HAL9000, the original disobedient A.I. from ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’. But as we hurtle into the future, fiction is becoming fact, and it might one day soon be a serious question: ‘Can’t we just turn it off?’

Military A.I. designers, for example, and then Big Tech, and then A.I. itself(?) will surely be contemplating higher and higher degrees of autonomy, to ensure continuity under enemy attack? So the short answer is ‘Yes we can, until suddenly we can’t!


Will there ever be a web-war between nations? Some nations are prepping for that, as suggested in ‘The Oracle Machine’.
Or, will an A.I. grow too fast for any of that, and render war obsolete?