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Well, I thought it would be fun & fitting, to link an orgasm, which is (often enough) a potential ‘moment of conception’, with the conscious awakening of an AI.
However, it’s thanks to this %^& page (+ 1 other page) that I can’t now really re-model & sell my 500 published copies of The Oracle Machine (which arrived just before our first lockdown) as colouring-in books for kids. Because, let’s face it, they could make awesome colouring-in books. 

T.O.M. pg 031

Yes, there’s a lot of info to digest here, but again, I’d rather have too much in the script, than too little material at the end of the shoot. I think it’s always important to imagine interest levels of viewers at all times!
So what would keep interest here too, would be cool images in the slide show, and the storyline – the (hopefully) building-intrigue as the talk is interrupted by something coming up… 
Also worth mentioning that viewers always want to feel like their time staring at a screen is meaningful – so if they’re learning stuff, and the info you’re giving them is true, relevant and interesting, and/or you’re making them think, then I believe audiences do appreciate that.
And slides part-projected on people also makes for great cinematographic opportunities. And yes, I like the idea of using ‘old tech’ like video projectors. This is Africa. Plenty of old tech mixed in with new tech here.