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TOM page 144/150

Conceiving the inconceivable… (My favourite page)

TOM page 142/150

In the frozen moments of time, our heroes witness the AI resurrection!
(And yes, it gets even grander…)

TOM pg 138/150

TOM page 136/150


TOM pg 111

If anyone is perhaps wondering why I keep posting all these pages… my strategy is to see if showing my fully-storyboarded screenplay will attract any potential investor attention?
If not, then I’ll trim the script down, from low-budget to micro-budget, or even to no-budget, & make it anyway (as with my first movie – Girl From Nowhere – which has been a relative success). Because filmmakers make films!
Hey, it’s also fun to share this, the story of our times!
(p.s some will be relieved, others disappointed, to learn The Oracle Machine comes to a climactic end on page 150)
(p.p.s you can watch Girl From Nowhere on Tubi.tv on the link here, or find it on Amazon Prime here. Enjoy!)

TOM pg 106

When the¬†#AI¬†phones you…

(Apologies for not publishing page yesterday, but our beautiful mountain was calling, on a sunny blue-sky day)

TOM pg 87

Getting technical, but keeping it clear (some coders might enjoy this – there’s a growing army of them out there…)

TOM pg 086

Tension + Humour always go well together.

TOM pg 084

Tension builds! Drones!
(That’s the Cape Peninsula down there, in case anyone was wondering)
(And yes, the USA military does indeed have a ‘cyberthreat command centre’, known as ‘Cybercom’)

On a side note, I do think poetry is seriously misunderstood & underestimated. Yet it’s all around us, both in how we take in and understand the world, and how we express ourselves. Go Poetry!