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TOM pg 146/150

My other favourite page. I don’t think it’s a particularly expensive VFX shot. It’s a low budget movie. Plus even a low budget goes a long, long way in Cape Town (and a filmmaker like me has a little experience in stretching a budget..)

TOM page 127/150

Countdowns! Heroic actions. Trance hippies. Drone attacks. It’s all coming together.

TOM Commercial Break…

Before posting storyboards for final act of THE ORACLE MACHINE – time for a quick intermission/commercial break…

In 2017 I finished GIRL FROM NOWHERE, my ‘zero-budget’ first film.

I’m still hoping to make The Oracle Machine as a low-budget film. ($1m is on the low end of low, by U.S. standards).

But try making a film with no budget – the production process becomes an art in itself. So here in this 2 min video are some tips that worked for me, on adding value to micro/zero budget productions. Enjoy!


TOM page 100

TOM page 099

Making the audience think just a little, like a detective story. Perhaps the screenplay overstates the obvious, but again, it’s W.I.P. Testing options! With an intention to shoot more & edit back, rather than shooting too little…

TOM pg 096

Emerging tech issues: 3D-printed guns! Perhaps not a problem in the USA, as normal guns so widely available. Elsewhere, like in South Africa, guns harder to acquire, but 3D-printers even less common. This may change.

TOM pg 089

Building the tension again. 

TOM pg 088

‘The machine can’t just take itself away, can it?’ …um… 

‘I don’t think you’d find sh*t in a sewer, bud’

Bad guys always get the best lines!

TOM pg 086

Tension + Humour always go well together.

TOM pg 084

Tension builds! Drones!
(That’s the Cape Peninsula down there, in case anyone was wondering)
(And yes, the USA military does indeed have a ‘cyberthreat command centre’, known as ‘Cybercom’)