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TOM page 130/150

TOM pg 095

Cape Town has some incredible vistas, so why not incorporate them to add value to the film? This fantastic location is our iconic Lion’s Head, with Table Mountain behind. (Too many foreign films, shot in Cape Town, try their best to hide the mountains…)
(On a side note, some might notice that hopefully my drawing improved slightly during the course of illustrating out the screenplay – with bigger scene frames, sharper lines etc.
Drawing is a skill that requires regular exercise though, for me anyway. Been a year since I picked up a pencil. Damn.)

TOM pg 094

The Machines are listening! I think what perhaps gives the screenplay a chilling edge, (and what makes it a good film financing investment proposition)  is that every day the storyline is actually becoming more & more plausible…

T.O.M. pg 059

T.O.M. page 051B

Act 2 begins & the (human) adventure continues… 

T.O.M. pg 020

I’m trying that ‘keep the last frame a page-turner’ thing again…

“A machine that can order people to do things…”
I like to think there’s some interesting/important A.I. philosophy in here.
That’s partly what drives me to keep taking this project forwards.

Graphic Novel Storyboards for the live action movie project.
Page 1! (I’ll post a page every weekday. Only 149 more pages to go…)


What a year it’s been. And on the AI front, it’s getting hard to keep up. Remember all the hype when DeepMind’s AlphaGo won at Go? Their new system, MuZero, teaches itself to play any game! But reception to this was muted. The public can’t keep up? Meanwhile, this vertical-farming story got a lot of likes. As did this NYTimes story on deep-fakes.

For the TOM project, while I wait for responses to a few pitches for TOM-the-movie, I’ve started colouring the graphic novel – because this project is rolling on, investors or not – and I think the coloured images look stunning, and will take the project forward. Happy New year everyone. Bring on 2021!