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TOM pg 120/150

I know, I know, it’s hard to imagine a tiny old-school box ruling the Internet, but it’s meant to be the tip of a pyramid of control. I may need to work on making it more impressive?
But hey, this is the point & power of a working script document.

TOM page 107

Make every scene count! (& try make every page a page turner)

TOM pg 103

Nothing quite like a careening van, for tension on the go!

TOM page 101a

Eyes in the sky! Military drones over Cape Town’s Cape Peninsula.
With that we wrap the often-difficult Act 2, & race into the thrilling Act 3 final-explosive-spectacular showdown!

TOM pg 094

The Machines are listening! I think what perhaps gives the screenplay a chilling edge, (and what makes it a good film financing investment proposition)  is that every day the storyline is actually becoming more & more plausible…

TOM pg 90

Yes, in retrospect, Larry’s passing comes quite suddenly – his weak health & vulnerability surely needs to be accentuated earlier? – BUT this is precisely the immense value of storyboards ((& having the director self-storyboard his entire screenplay) – because it provides opportunity to spot shortcomings.
The storyboarded novel IS a working document, saving time/money, driving efficiency of production, sharing a vision and amending it on the fly. Etc. 

TOM pg 089

Building the tension again. 

TOM pg 086

Tension + Humour always go well together.

T.O.M. pg 083

Bringing the protagonist/antagonist together… and starting off fairly gently.

T.O.M. pg 080