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This article from India really got my attention. Quoting it: “The research further revealed that in questions where the CTRL has been asked “what happens to our soul after death,” the users preferred the answer given by the artificial intelligence (23.1%) over the one that is provided by Jesus Christ (20.3%). “


Just like the research in the article, The Oracle Machine story bravely steps into the world of metaphysics, and rightly asks the important question: Could an A.I. Internet somehow become a type of religious inter-mediary for some, or more?

Whatever one feels about religion, no one can deny it’s played a huge role in humanity over at least the last few thousand years. We cannot now pretend it is not still a major and integral influence for a large part of humanity. And I don’t believe enough critical objective thinking is being done to try understand what it really means to us.

I prefer (my understanding of…) Jung’s interpretation, that religion can also be seen as sign-posts along our own evolution of consciousness. And I see an AI-enabled Internet as the likely next step along this development path.


Look how far we’ve come in 40 years. And look how ‘Amazing Stories 1981’ predicts with scary accuracy the shape of things that came: email, online news, banking & games, Alexa, Zoom, Wikipedia, Netflix, Translate – all on ‘the Videocom’ – running on ‘optical data transmission & high speed computers.’
Crucially for me, the last line (not shown), speculating beyond ‘the Videocom’, says: ‘Just as the current communication revolution will unify our planet, the next communication revolution promises to unite us with the cosmos…’
I hope you can read the images, but if not, you can download them from my site: http://www.TheOracleMachine.in  – Enjoy the fascinating read!



It’s getting harder & harder to leave the online world.
The net rewards us – with music, lights, cameras, action – as we reward it – with all our terrible & beautiful & very human input.
And all the time, we’re making it Bigger, Better, Faster, Smarter…


You’ve probably heard of ‘B2B’, an acronym for ‘business-to-business’ transactions. Now some are speaking of ‘M2M’ – ‘machine-to-machine’, where machines communicate with machines. (Although how different this is to API’s, I’m not sure…)

Regardless, how long will it be before machines assign work to people? Let’s call it ‘M2P’ – machine-to-person. So maybe in the near future, an email will arrive in your inbox, making you an offer to do work that you won’t want to refuse, and you won’t know if it came from a person, or from an A.I.?