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TOM page 148/150

At the risk of stating the obvious, seems to me that shared (& often secret) experiences are at the heart of relationships. (Hey, maybe some of us forget that sometimes?)

TOM pg 147/150

After our protagonists’ glimpse across the universe, normality returns.
(But will things ever be the same?)

TOM page 145/150

Because a ‘grand-ideas’ screenplay needs a grand ending!

TOM page 144/150

Conceiving the inconceivable… (My favourite page)

TOM pg 143/150

I was tempted, after the top panel, to have our hero Scot say ‘So you’re the code-word?’, but of course that would have made it a different type of screenplay…

TOM pg 141/150

I’ve always liked the idea of something secret & magical happening, whilst time has stopped for everyone else. (I think audiences like it too – like being let in on a secret, when no one else is looking…)
I’ve played with that idea in my early 16mm film experiments – this I made in about 2002.

TOM pg 140/150


(Keeping audiences guessing is vital)

(even if audiences have a strong suspicion of what might come next…)

TOM page 136/150


TOM page 135/150

The end (of the comic) is nigh!

TOM page 133/150

Everyone likes to share their experiences with someone. Everyone likes a witness…