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TOM pg 146/150

My other favourite page. I don’t think it’s a particularly expensive VFX shot. It’s a low budget movie. Plus even a low budget goes a long, long way in Cape Town (and a filmmaker like me has a little experience in stretching a budget..)

TOM page 145/150

Because a ‘grand-ideas’ screenplay needs a grand ending!

TOM pg139/150

Seems like the right page for a Friday…! Cape Town has been enjoying Burning Man type trance parties for years, since the ’90’s, though more recently we have Afrikaburn, which is modelled on the BM experience.
This is an example of the enjoyable nature of secret knowledge. Us, the audience, knows what the explosion is all about, and we enjoy seeing the party crowd catching up with what we already know.

TOM page 136/150


TOM pg 131/150

TOM pg 120/150

I know, I know, it’s hard to imagine a tiny old-school box ruling the Internet, but it’s meant to be the tip of a pyramid of control. I may need to work on making it more impressive?
But hey, this is the point & power of a working script document.

TOM pg 114

After a short dialogue break, cut back to action!
(‘give TOM a piece of my mind’ being a hint of weird things to come…)

TOM pg 103

Nothing quite like a careening van, for tension on the go!

T.O.M. pg 062

Just realised I left out page 62. Oops! Sorry folks, here it is – raising the important question, when will we take orders from machines (and how will we know)?

“A machine that can order people to do things…”
I like to think there’s some interesting/important A.I. philosophy in here.
That’s partly what drives me to keep taking this project forwards.