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TOM page 150/150

The End. Yay!

The last page is a homage (not a copy, a homage…) to Hergé, for the end of Tintin’s Flight 714. Also a bit of a homage to that masterpiece ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ (a big influence, even if Raider’s opening seems a little dated…)

Thrilled to have arrived at this marker, Goal 2!
Goal 1 was to write the screenplay. That took many years.
Goal 2 was to draw it out, to share it with others. This also took a few years.

I did it partly for the fun of drawing it, and partly because I felt AI & the concept of The Singularity was/is something I needed to make a statement about.  

And it was always going to be an experiment, to see if it could attract producers/investors to try help make it into a film, for roughly $1.5m.
The experiment is ongoing, but believe me, the experiment was the goal, regardless of outcomes. (It has to be like that, or I’d go nuts.)

For any producers out there – Hey, Cape Town is cheap! And I think I’ve proved I can stretch a budget and complete a film with my previous project. And THE ORACLE MACHINE has now been mapped out, shot-for-shot. So in terms of knowing what the director’s talking about, we can all be on the same page. We’ve just got to colour it in with moving film… So I think the risk factor has been lowered, but I would say that. 

Making it into a film would be wonderful, and that’s Goal 3. 
But Goal 2 was just to conduct this experiment. Artists make Art. It has to come out. Selling that art must be secondary. (Though in film, if you want budget, you have to pre-sell it too, just in order to realise it on film.)

Anyway, thanks everyone for keeping up. If you missed any of it, find it all online on www.TheOracleMachine.in
(Or hey, you could order 1 of 500 printed graphic novels there too. Take a chance. Who knows? Maybe there’s 1/5000 odds it’ll become a collector’s item? And… being in black & white, it’s also a really cool African-SciFi colouring book!)

Because there was/is never any guarantee this will become a film, for the last 6 months I’ve also been busy keeping on keeping on. Happy to say, I’m putting the finishing touches to a brand new original screenplay. This one is written so I can actually produce & shoot myself. (But only if need be, as previously done with Girl From Nowhere.)

The new one is a cyberpunk thriller, set in 2028, in the ‘deserts’ off Cape Town. I think feels a bit like Dust Devil & Mad Max meeting 2000AD & William Gibson’s Neuromancer. It’s a wild fun romp (even if it’s just 5 characters) & I look forward to sharing more on that soon!
No, it won’t be a comic. (Or who knows…)

If anyone wants to follow either of these projects, come say hi on Twitter.


TOM pg 149/150

Almost the end… (‘beautiful end, my friend’ as sung by The Doors)

TOM page 144/150

Conceiving the inconceivable… (My favourite page)

TOM 125/150

As some may know, the dramatic question of a film is the ‘big question’ behind it, that hopefully gets answered during the film.
Perhaps one dramatic question of this film script project is: ‘if your dreams are telling you something, then what inside you is doing the telling?’ (Although can The Internet ‘wake up’, might also be a dramatic question posed in this film)

TOM pg 123/150

Everyone loves a funny bad guy. (I think?)

TOM page 122/150

A mini Burning Man / Afrikaburn-type psychedelic trance party is a glorious visual & audio spectacle!
And besides adding that value, it’s also a perfectly apt setting – not just because Cape Town is the Cradle of Human Consciousness (where we believe humans first ‘woke’ to create art about 100,000 years ago) , but because this film strives to show how, sitting alongside our primal human need to express consciousness, is AI – our next evolutionary step!

TOM pg 121/150

No coincidence our hero’s name is Magdalena – I’m pushing mythology here!
Also a nod to Yuval Harari, with his ‘AI will know you better than you know yourself…’

TOM pg 119/150

Since film crews play such a big part in creating builds for awesome events like Afrikaburn (our version of Burning Man), that for a scene like this, I think I could just turn the cameras on the crew…

TOM pg 118

Okay, a ‘desert’ is a fairly cheap location to film in, but it’s also visually stunning, & entirely appropriate to the story.

TOM pg 116

Funny to think when I first wrote The Oracle Machine, 10+ years ago, cannabis was illegal. Yet now it’s practically legal in South Africa, & many other places. Things can change fast!

And yes, Cape Town really is what I call ‘The Cradle of Consciousness’, where scientific evidence suggests humanity survived as a small group (20,000 people) & then enjoyed a leap in consciousness over 100,000 years ago, before spreading out worldwide.
(Think #2001 A Space Odyssey, but with cave people tossing bones to the sky)

Our incredible region is now finally being recognised by local authorities, and marketed as humankind’s ‘Cradle of Culture’. (But I think ‘Cradle of Consciousness’ is much more accurate & cooler!)

This is why it’s The Perfect Setting for an original movie about humanity’s next evolutionary leap in consciousness and IQ.
(Or should it be AI-Q?)