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TOM pg 101b

The third & final Act begins at pace!

TOM pg 088

‘The machine can’t just take itself away, can it?’ …um… 

‘I don’t think you’d find sh*t in a sewer, bud’

Bad guys always get the best lines!

TOM pg 87

Getting technical, but keeping it clear (some coders might enjoy this – there’s a growing army of them out there…)

TOM pg 085

Antagonist antagonising protagonist…
(Next few pages will show how this scene/screenplay is right on the money, given this week’s cyberattacks in the USA!)

T.O.M. pg 066

Bringing it all back to… Cape Town!


T.O.M. pg 065

Web War 1 – you heard it here first, folks!
(Trying to evoke a bit of satire, and perhaps a bit of homage to Kubrick’s legendary ‘Dr Strangelove’) 

Will there ever be a web-war between nations? Some nations are prepping for that, as suggested in ‘The Oracle Machine’.
Or, will an A.I. grow too fast for any of that, and render war obsolete?