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T.O.M. pg 065

Web War 1 – you heard it here first, folks!
(Trying to evoke a bit of satire, and perhaps a bit of homage to Kubrick’s legendary ‘Dr Strangelove’) 

T.O.M. pg 052

One advantage of storyboarding an entire film script (especially if the filmmaker does the drawing) is you get to share your vision with potential producers. 
A disadvantage is they might hold you to that vision, not realising how flexible it can be.
For instance, this relatively-expensive set drawn here, could easily be reduced to one person behind a computer. That wouldn’t be as much fun, so have drawn the ideal version, but nothing’s set in stone. Telling the main story is more important than peripheral details. (p.s. No longer sure about the word ‘wowzer’, though I wanted to have a bit of fun with the keen military official…)

Hacking into military drones, as in ‘The Oracle Machine‘ graphic novel, might seem implausible to some, but there is historic precedent of such incidents.

In 2011, the famous U.S.A. Creech Airforce base suffered a security breach, when a keystroke logger virus infected multiple machines. (Read about it in Wired, or The Guardian)

It’s thought removable hard-drives ‘breached the gap’ between classified and public networks. So maybe a drone pilot was loading up some music downloads to fly with?