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I’m convinced my graphic novel & film script is a winner, but perhaps the next hurdle to making it into a successful film, is connecting with the right investors. So in an effort to get more attention to the project, I’m trying some quite ‘tangential’ marketing. I’m going to post some cartoons – about 1 per week – that might hopefully bring more viewers either to this site, or to my Twitter account (here).

I’m thrilled my Twitter following has grown close to 500 in a couple of months, and it’s certainly led to interactions with some very interesting people in A.I. But perhaps some highly-shareable cartoons will grow that number higher?

Introducing ‘Robots of the Revolution’ – a wry look at life on Earth after the robots have taken over. There’re still be some humans trying to fit in, but mostly it will be A.I. robots taking on human roles. So, let’s see how it goes. Fun times!


You’ve probably heard of ‘B2B’, an acronym for ‘business-to-business’ transactions. Now some are speaking of ‘M2M’ – ‘machine-to-machine’, where machines communicate with machines. (Although how different this is to API’s, I’m not sure…)

Regardless, how long will it be before machines assign work to people? Let’s call it ‘M2P’ – machine-to-person. So maybe in the near future, an email will arrive in your inbox, making you an offer to do work that you won’t want to refuse, and you won’t know if it came from a person, or from an A.I.?