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HG Wells, in 1901, published a short story called ‘The New Accelerator’ – about a man who drinks a potion and speeds up.
So to him, everyone else looks like they are in slow motion!
Whilst to everyone else, he is just a blur.
(Perhaps this is how a fly sees us?)
But imagine speeding things up further – and the closer you get to infinity, the more that the rest of the world would then appear to slow to a stop.
So this seemed to be a nice way to draw the Singularity – everything in motion just  freezes to a stop!
Of course, in my graphic novel’s storyline, a special few characters get to witness this.
(And you can too! – if you download ‘The Oracle Machine’ from Comixology.
Sorry, I couldn’t resist the plug. 🙂 )


“You can try fight the devil, but the devil is part of you. You must find a way to make peace with your devil.”

My interpretation of some Jungian concepts prescribes one character’s journey in The Oracle Machine graphic novel and film script.

In script-writing, it’s a good idea for each character to have an ‘inner need’, an outer ‘want’ and some obstacle, that comes from the conflict between their wants and needs, and that stops them attaining those true needs.

So yes, script-writing can be therapeutic, as you apply these concepts to your characters, and remember that each character is a reflection of yourself anyway. Writing any book or producing any art is very revealing (and therapeutic, and thereby satisfying).


I’ve had characters wrestle with the devil in my other film work too!
In my short film DIE HEL (2009), a man has to try come to terms with his own inner fears in a strange corner of South Africa.

Die Hel 2.jpg

And in my zero-budget indie movie GIRL FROM NOWHERE, there are quite a few references to Liza (Christia Visser) as embodying ‘the devil herself’.

Girl From Nowhere.jpg

Will there ever be a web-war between nations? Some nations are prepping for that, as suggested in ‘The Oracle Machine’.
Or, will an A.I. grow too fast for any of that, and render war obsolete?


The Next Phase

It might not look like much, but this is it – the next stage of my script’s development. I’m laying the script out on an editing timeline, placing a marker for each scene.

In script-writing, typically 1 page of script represents 1 minute of film time. So by judging the length of a scene on a page, I’ve stretched each scene marker to match that length of screen time. Some markers are 10 seconds, others 3 minutes. But by looking at this timeline, I get a pretty good idea of where the film slows down, and where the scene changes speed up the pace.

I’ve also started recording the voices of actors and am about to start laying these sounds up. And with music and SFX. it’ll start sounding like a radio play, but at this early stage, there’s not a lot of emphasis on performance, it’s more about timing and how the story plays out.

In between the scene cards I’m going to start placing simple storyboard images, (just one for each scene to start with). It’s a lot of work, but it’s giving me a great feel for the pace of the script.

This is a very organic process of trying to get as much done as possible to make it easier for producers to ‘see’ my movie. It’s about taking out as much risk as possible. It seems pretty logical to me and I know animation movies follow a similar path. Pixar typically spend the 1 year of a 3 year development cycle doing just this – giving a script to a storyboard artist and working and reworking an animatic with a director, recording voices, placing temporary music and SFX.

Hopefully my process won’t take a year… I’m aiming for getting it done in 2-3 months. Let’s see how it goes…