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TOM pg 123/150

Everyone loves a funny bad guy. (I think?)

TOM pg 117

I thought using vehicle-motions, kicking dust etc would give plenty of nice wipes between scenes. Of course, hard to guess what’ll be best in the cut, but NB to give editors an arsenal of shots to work from.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted on The Oracle Machine website – I’ve been busy writing another film script, for an even lower budget AI Sci-Fi movie. (because filmmakers make films regardless of funding…)
So meanwhile, what’s news in AI?

We have the first reported incident of ‘automatic-killer-robots’ with these Turkish-made drones (Although no doubt other countries are trying this too, just more secretly).
Even the jobs of Data Scientists may be in jeopardy, according to some… Data Scientists!
And reports of AI giving orders to truant kids in an Australian school – is this surely a taste of things to come in broader society?
And spying, for cops & corporates? Is A.I. making for safer neighbourhoods, and/or are Big Corporates (driven by Consumerism) becoming our Big Brother? 
Filmmakers will be amazed at what Adobe is experimenting with – using AI to change lighting in videos AFTER they’re shot.
And GPT3 is scaring/helping writers, who’re thinking ahead what’s in store with GPT4, 5, 6…
As previously reported, AI is getting smarter by watching videos
Self-driving trucks set new records.
I enjoyed this informative article on AI-bias.
And the brain scientists at Numenta promise about a 100x increase in AI computation with some neural inspiration. (Hint: It’s all about sparsity)
Chile is enacting the first ‘Neuroprivacy laws’. 
Expect more of these. Wildfire-smoke-detection is awesome!
And a late addition to this list: AI to help you code…more AI? Created by OpenAI (who built GPT3): https://copilot.github.com
And the Oracle Machine is on page 116, which is just 34 pages away from finishing the page-a-day publishing. Stay tuned!

TOM pg 113

Question: When we are one day working for an AI, will we even realise it?

TOM pg 111

If anyone is perhaps wondering why I keep posting all these pages… my strategy is to see if showing my fully-storyboarded screenplay will attract any potential investor attention?
If not, then I’ll trim the script down, from low-budget to micro-budget, or even to no-budget, & make it anyway (as with my first movie – Girl From Nowhere – which has been a relative success). Because filmmakers make films!
Hey, it’s also fun to share this, the story of our times!
(p.s some will be relieved, others disappointed, to learn The Oracle Machine comes to a climactic end on page 150)
(p.p.s you can watch Girl From Nowhere on Tubi.tv on the link here, or find it on Amazon Prime here. Enjoy!)

TOM pg 109

Raising the intrigue…

TOM pg 085

Antagonist antagonising protagonist…
(Next few pages will show how this scene/screenplay is right on the money, given this week’s cyberattacks in the USA!)

T.O.M. pg 083

Bringing the protagonist/antagonist together… and starting off fairly gently.

T.O.M. pg 079

Last page of my mid-movie metaphysical musings!
(I think it’s territory where big studios, like Disney+, can’t tread, so why not lean into it more?)
One guy talking isn’t the most exciting thing to watch visually, so likely in any final edit, this would be slimmed right down. I prefer to over-write, and edit later, than risk being stuck grasping for more material in the edit room.

T.O.M. pg 078

Not crucial to the storyline, but a ‘fun’ philosophical interlude, coming right in the middle of the screenplay. Shouldn’t we be discussing big/crazy ideas in non-studio fiction films? (As mentioned yesterday, this was inspired by Godard’s interlude in ‘Breathless’)