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T.O.M. Act 2

Starting tomorrow – the next 50 pages, or Act 2, of my exciting (at least I think so…) fully-illustrated live-action movie script. 
You can read all the pages published thus far on it’s website, http://www.TheOracleMachine.in – or connect with me on Twitter @TheOracleM – Enjoy!

T.O.M. pg 050

When the machines talk back… Conflict as we approach the Act 1 climax.

TOM pg 047

Nice to let the pictures do the talking.

Would have done more of these, but for time & page-count constraints. (Didn’t want to go over 150 pages) (And drawing is hard work for me!).

Things are heating up in the bedroom, as the machine gets sucked into a loop of introspection… (Illustration tip: The extraordinarily-beautiful Art Nouveau work of Mucha inspired the drawing of the main focus areas with a thicker outline, helping it jump out better. You can see it working in these panes, but I didn’t use this trick often enough)

I think characters need to be flawed, in order to have space to grow (or not), and therein lies half the story, and the satisfying internal journey of the narrative.

p.s. Table Mountain by night, especially if it’s lit up, makes for an amazing backdrop