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T.O.M. pg 073

Of course cameras don’t really ‘click’ anymore, so I might have to update that frame… 

T.O.M. pg 071

Because every movie concerning dreams needs a few good dream sequences.

T.O.M. pg 067

What the *&%^ happens in Cape Town?
Why, fresh original movie scripts of course!
(Also had this idea that an AI might grow as a human does, and would therefore go through a petulant teenager stage…)

T.O.M. pg 063

Building the intrigue… (And of course couldn’t resist having a Cape Town icon like Lion’s Head mountain in the picture)

T.O.M. pg 060

Characters are not supposed to be likeable to everyone, but true to themselves.

T.O.M. pg 059

T.O.M. pg 057

Tension between the protagonists… (and yes, Lena in a bath towel here radically increases her vulnerability, & our sense of outrage at Scot’s wild accusations) 

T.O.M. pg 056

Intrigue! Nudity! Intrigue! (beauty is never gratuitous, is it?) 

T.O.M. page 055

The dawn before the storm…

T.O.M. pg 053

While we are sleeping, the A.I. is spreading across the net…