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TOM page 129/150

Drones! Dust!

TOM page 127/150

Countdowns! Heroic actions. Trance hippies. Drone attacks. It’s all coming together.

TOM pg 124/150

I like the idea of making audiences think a little. It draws them in, & rewards them when they see the answers unfold. Hitchcock & murder mysteries are wildly popular, partly for this reason.

TOM pg 90

Yes, in retrospect, Larry’s passing comes quite suddenly – his weak health & vulnerability surely needs to be accentuated earlier? – BUT this is precisely the immense value of storyboards ((& having the director self-storyboard his entire screenplay) – because it provides opportunity to spot shortcomings.
The storyboarded novel IS a working document, saving time/money, driving efficiency of production, sharing a vision and amending it on the fly. Etc. 

TOM pg 089

Building the tension again. 

TOM pg 088

‘The machine can’t just take itself away, can it?’ …um… 

‘I don’t think you’d find sh*t in a sewer, bud’

Bad guys always get the best lines!

TOM pg 086

Tension + Humour always go well together.

T.O.M. pg 083

Bringing the protagonist/antagonist together… and starting off fairly gently.

T.O.M. pg 079

Last page of my mid-movie metaphysical musings!
(I think it’s territory where big studios, like Disney+, can’t tread, so why not lean into it more?)
One guy talking isn’t the most exciting thing to watch visually, so likely in any final edit, this would be slimmed right down. I prefer to over-write, and edit later, than risk being stuck grasping for more material in the edit room.

T.O.M. pg 077

One huge advantage of ‘underground’ movies, is they can go places that studios (such as Disney+) would surely be frightened to enter? So why not lean into that?  
Plus A.I. is The Philosophical Issue of our time. So surely a huge & growing audience for conversations like this? 
(In terms of pacing, inspiration came from Godard’s classic ‘À bout de Souffle’, which grants a few minutes in the middle of the movie to an important & mentally-nourishing philosophical interlude)