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T.O.M. pg 057

Tension between the protagonists… (and yes, Lena in a bath towel here radically increases her vulnerability, & our sense of outrage at Scot’s wild accusations) 

This is my example of ‘over-writing’ – where a character says more than needed (when he goes on about gut bacteria). 
It’s a risky strategy, because you may create a tedious script. 
And whilst other filmmakers may disagree with my approach, I’d much rather have more material to cut away in the editing room, than be scrambling around with too little material at the end.
It’s also an example of calling-out the audience – if anyone starts falling asleep here, the protagonist is saying, ‘hey wake up, this is important, I’m talking to you’.

I’ve put a ‘web-comic’ viewer on www.TheOracleMachine.in , where you can see all the back pages, plus I’ll post a new page every weekday. (Maybe soon I’ll add one here on WordPress too…)

I’m thrilled that the comic viewer looks great on mobile, even if the rest of the site isn’t so much geared towards mobile readers. This means potential film investors and producers, for example, can have my storyboarded film script available in the palm of their hand, anywhere they are. And it makes it more accessible for everyone else too. Enjoy!