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T.O.M. pg 056

Intrigue! Nudity! Intrigue! (beauty is never gratuitous, is it?) 

Looks much nicer with a title, I’m sure all would agree. The title also creates a feel, that lightens the topic a bit. I was definitely inspired by the awesome Lion & Eagle comics (see bottom pic) – with its amazing (far superior) illustrations, cool stories and sleek titles!

Arguably South Africa’s finest Comic and Graphic Novel stores – Readers Den – now stocks The Oracle Machine, and can deliver worldwide. Pop into their stores in Tygervalley or Claremont, or order your limited edition copy here.

They have a comprehensive collection of South African comics, and also organise the prestigious annual  ‘Cape Town Fan Con‘. Whilst the physical event has unfortunately been cancelled this year, it has moved online, and will be taking place this weekend, from the 4th – 5th July. Tune in, and catch an interview with me. I’ll update these details as soon as I know more.


The bad guy in the book brandishes an untraceable 3D-printed ‘ghost’ gun. But how much of a threat are they really?

To build a 3D gun, you’d need the plans. I can imagine these are available somewhere on the dark web. (For reasons unclear to me, U.S.A President Trump has been trying to make such plans available online, but has been blocked by 20 states, who are suing over this issue.)

You’d also need a 3D printer and you’d need to know how to use it. And you’d still need the bullets.

3D printers are prohibitively expensive in South Africa. And not many people have the expertise to use them. It’s probably much easier to get a stolen gun. In the U.S.A., 3D printers are far more available, but perhaps so too are guns?

So for now, such printed guns are thankfully still out of reach for most criminals in South Africa. But I guess in time this will change.



After literally years of work conceiving this script, Mark then spent more than 2 years drawing it in pen and ink. Thrilled to say, the graphic novel is now complete, and a few copies have been printed.
A version is being shared with film producers.
We’re just waiting on a colour cover, and then 500 more copies will be printed.
Cover image for the 3 parts of the graphic novel, The Oracle MachineGo to www.TheOracleMachine.in to find out the latest, and follow the exciting journey, from idea, to comic, and hopefully, some time soon, into a live-action movie!