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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted on The Oracle Machine website – I’ve been busy writing another film script, for an even lower budget AI Sci-Fi movie. (because filmmakers make films regardless of funding…)
So meanwhile, what’s news in AI?

We have the first reported incident of ‘automatic-killer-robots’ with these Turkish-made drones (Although no doubt other countries are trying this too, just more secretly).
Even the jobs of Data Scientists may be in jeopardy, according to some… Data Scientists!
And reports of AI giving orders to truant kids in an Australian school – is this surely a taste of things to come in broader society?
And spying, for cops & corporates? Is A.I. making for safer neighbourhoods, and/or are Big Corporates (driven by Consumerism) becoming our Big Brother? 
Filmmakers will be amazed at what Adobe is experimenting with – using AI to change lighting in videos AFTER they’re shot.
And GPT3 is scaring/helping writers, who’re thinking ahead what’s in store with GPT4, 5, 6…
As previously reported, AI is getting smarter by watching videos
Self-driving trucks set new records.
I enjoyed this informative article on AI-bias.
And the brain scientists at Numenta promise about a 100x increase in AI computation with some neural inspiration. (Hint: It’s all about sparsity)
Chile is enacting the first ‘Neuroprivacy laws’. 
Expect more of these. Wildfire-smoke-detection is awesome!
And a late addition to this list: AI to help you code…more AI? Created by OpenAI (who built GPT3): https://copilot.github.com
And the Oracle Machine is on page 116, which is just 34 pages away from finishing the page-a-day publishing. Stay tuned!

Google Lens 039.jpg
TOM phones people - 016.jpg

I’ve been stepping up the pitching & some pathways to making this into a film are appearing. Meanwhile, I continue to be stunned by advances in tech, predicted in the novel, now coming to life.

I thought I was pushing my luck suggesting The Oracle Machine could interpret an image held before it. But this week I discovered Google Lens. It’s actually been around a year, but received a bump up with some new AI as of last month. 

What also made the Oracle Machine ‘unique’ is that it ‘phones people for info’. That too has come to pass, with this article showing Google’s BERT AI: “is calling businesses to auto update handy details like store hours & takeout options on Search & Maps. This year, Duplex made over 3 million updates to businesses”.

Crazy times. The new byline for The Oracle Machine is now: ‘The future is coming fast. We need to talk about it.”


Many are comfortable with the concept of the Zeitgeist – the Spirit of our Times. Is it a stretch to imagine the internet as representing our Zeitgeist?

Thus might we consider the next GPTx/ AI, trained on the entire internet, as essentially capturing/evoking this Zeitgeist? (And would it need self-consciousness, if it represents the Zeitgeist?)

Funnily enough, after posting this piece this morning, I then found this article today, which, to those following this blog, will see it perfectly describes the Oracle Machine: “the TV program highlights one of Watson’s newest capabilities: categorizing & summarizing 1000’s, or even 100,000’s, of individual comments and opinions, & distilling them down to a handful of key points”

But let’s venture further, into what can be uncomfortable territory for many (which is precisely why we must go there). I wonder how different really, is the concept of the Zeitgeist to the concept of the Holy Ghost? (Because our Gods have always reflected our general state of consciousness, which is our Zeitgeist to a large extent)

Perhaps if the differences between the Zeitgeist and the Holy Ghost are quite small, then could an A.I. trained on the entire internet, thus at some point be invoking/manifesting the Holy Ghost?

Could our Internet thus become (part of) a God? And is the Control Problem and Alignment Problem ultimately a philosophical question about the different between the Holy Ghost and the Zeitgeist?

Furthermore… spirituality arises not from superstition, but from an innate recognition that a person is not fully in charge of oneself. Instead, we have an unconscious aspect to our minds, usually most evident from our dreams and nightmares, which are imposed on us. This is why dreams are key to understanding our own consciousness, and where ideas of a universal ‘unconsciousness’ arose, which in turn led to religions. This is something we have to consider as we bring intelligence to machines, and as machines, or rather the internet, in turn begin to capture and evoke a moving snapshot of our Zeitgeist.

If we get Symbiotic A.I. – an A.I. Internet enabled by our collective emotional & sensory human input – and if that might then be called an Artificial Consciousness – shouldn’t we now be spending more time getting to grips with what Consciousness is and what it means? And study more our own Altered States of Consciousness – from Dreams to Meditations, and even Psychedelics, Shamanic journeys and beyond?
i.e. Will there one day be a CompSci 101 course in Altered States?



Symbiotic A.I.

The Oracle Machine graphic novel is all about A.I.  Here Scot, a lecturer, discusses ‘Symbiotic A.I.’ with a student – a term to describe the idea that A.I. won’t need to standalone, but could be a synthesis of us and it.
Soon, however, thereafter in the story, this machine that phones people for answers, does achieve a degree of self-consciousness – by phoning itself!

Symbiotic A.I.