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TOM pg 131/150

TOM page 130/150

TOM page 129/150

Drones! Dust!

TOM page 128/150

Action is fun to draw, & watch!

TOM page 127/150

Countdowns! Heroic actions. Trance hippies. Drone attacks. It’s all coming together.

TOM pg 126/150

Action! Drones! Tension. Excitement! (Building up for a big fun ending…)

TOM 125/150

As some may know, the dramatic question of a film is the ‘big question’ behind it, that hopefully gets answered during the film.
Perhaps one dramatic question of this film script project is: ‘if your dreams are telling you something, then what inside you is doing the telling?’ (Although can The Internet ‘wake up’, might also be a dramatic question posed in this film)

TOM pg 124/150

I like the idea of making audiences think a little. It draws them in, & rewards them when they see the answers unfold. Hitchcock & murder mysteries are wildly popular, partly for this reason.

TOM pg 123/150

Everyone loves a funny bad guy. (I think?)

TOM page 122/150

A mini Burning Man / Afrikaburn-type psychedelic trance party is a glorious visual & audio spectacle!
And besides adding that value, it’s also a perfectly apt setting – not just because Cape Town is the Cradle of Human Consciousness (where we believe humans first ‘woke’ to create art about 100,000 years ago) , but because this film strives to show how, sitting alongside our primal human need to express consciousness, is AI – our next evolutionary step!