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“A machine that can order people to do things…”
I like to think there’s some interesting/important A.I. philosophy in here.
That’s partly what drives me to keep taking this project forwards.

Data-dicks & distributed processing!
Of course The Oracle Machine won’t ever be let loose online…

Setting the scene for a clash of personalities…

Still establishing characters.
In film scripts, each page is supposed to correspond to about 1 minute of film time. It’s more like 30 seconds of screen time with my illustrated script here.

I’ve put a ‘web-comic’ viewer on , where you can see all the back pages, plus I’ll post a new page every weekday. (Maybe soon I’ll add one here on WordPress too…)

I’m thrilled that the comic viewer looks great on mobile, even if the rest of the site isn’t so much geared towards mobile readers. This means potential film investors and producers, for example, can have my storyboarded film script available in the palm of their hand, anywhere they are. And it makes it more accessible for everyone else too. Enjoy!

T.O.M. pg 008

I first started writing this in the 2000’s – can you believe it – and whilst some of the tech in the comic might seem retro – spying-via-webcams remains a big concern, perhaps now more than ever.
For Cape Town fans, yes that’s Lion’s Head mountain in the background 🙂

Always nice to bring in a dream sequence – it’s an opportunity for some surrealism fun – and this story is about actually consciousness. Hopefully it raises questions like: ‘As A.I. begins to achieve machine consciousness, will it be our natural states of ‘altered-consciousness’ – like dreams – that keep us special?’
And for fans of Cape Town – yes, that’s supposed to be Devil’s Peak, peeking out in the background.

Graphic Novel Storyboards for the live action movie project.
Page 1! (I’ll post a page every weekday. Only 149 more pages to go…)

Google Lens 039.jpg
TOM phones people - 016.jpg

I’ve been stepping up the pitching & some pathways to making this into a film are appearing. Meanwhile, I continue to be stunned by advances in tech, predicted in the novel, now coming to life.

I thought I was pushing my luck suggesting The Oracle Machine could interpret an image held before it. But this week I discovered Google Lens. It’s actually been around a year, but received a bump up with some new AI as of last month. 

What also made the Oracle Machine ‘unique’ is that it ‘phones people for info’. That too has come to pass, with this article showing Google’s BERT AI: “is calling businesses to auto update handy details like store hours & takeout options on Search & Maps. This year, Duplex made over 3 million updates to businesses”.

Crazy times. The new byline for The Oracle Machine is now: ‘The future is coming fast. We need to talk about it.”