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On a side note, I do think poetry is seriously misunderstood & underestimated. Yet it’s all around us, both in how we take in and understand the world, and how we express ourselves. Go Poetry!

My Canon 550D

Someone asked what I was shooting the acting workshops with – it’s this:
A Canon 550D with a few extras. I intend to grow it more. How much can one shoot with this?


A quick rundown for the camera-philes out there..

1: My new rifle mic – quality is great. Intended to use it just for sync sound to proper mic’s but hey, it’s pretty good. Very directional though, picks up nothing from the sides.

2: The 550D, though it costs only R9000 ($800?), it uses the same chip as the more expensive 7D. And since people are shooting commercials on the 7D, why not the 550 too?

3: Ok, the lens ain’t amazing. It’s the kit 18-55mm. This is the first thing I’ll upgrade. I swear there’s a bit of aberration in the telephoto, and it’s aperture is 3.5 to 5.6, so you’re struggling a bit in low natural light. I also don’t like the fact there’s no infinity on the top end, so finding focus in a rush is hard. After buying a better lens, I’d buy a focus dial as well. Focusing these little camera’s is tough. And don’t even ask about the zoom…

4: My 3x magnifier. Great for finding fine focus, but limiting for shooting, cos your head has to be stuck at the same level as the camera. I now prefer shooting without it. It does add stability though. Has a magnetic mount, so pops off anytime. Interestingly enough, the 550D has a higher res back screen than both the 5D and the 7D.

5: A pistol grip, rescued off an old video light. I’m growing to really like this.