It’s fun to add depth, for those who want to go swimming… And low-budget film scripts like this, that aspire to cult-movie status, can go places where more main-stream movies might flounder. This is a major selling-point. So…
There’s much to ponder about the ouroboros/uroboros – the most ancient of symbols, which signifies eternity, and lent itself to the mathematical concept of infinity (still just a concept). 
A point of infinity is a singularity, as supposedly found in black holes, but which shares its name and much of the concept with the technological singularity, when tech advancement accelerates so fast as to be effectively infinite in growth. 
When Biblical mythology is viewed through the lens of depth psychology, ‘eats of its own flesh and blood’ can be considered as an ‘assimilation of the opposite, from which comes the one’, linking it to a jump in consciousness. (Edward F. Edinger wrote much about this in his brilliant “Creation of Consciousness’)
My point is, mythology suggests a jump in consciousness is coming, and the tech singularity could likely fulfil this. 
Whew! Okay back to the script/webcomic.