In scriptwriting, we (should)ask what is the overall ‘controlling idea’ & related ‘dramatic question’? – which in this story is ‘what does it mean to be human, in the face of the staggering/overwhelming growth of tech?’ – and the answers I’m suggesting lie in mythology – which we all share from the same source, because we see the same symbols, appearing in dreams, and in myths across all cultures and from all time. And perhaps no symbol is older or more multi-cultural than the ourabus, the snake which eats itself.
So you’ll see how in this story, as the two protagonists come together – one representing traditional masculine-rationalism and the other the feminine-esoteric (sorry to be so heteronormative) – the result of their union with be the one answer – (early Gods were hermaphrodites for a reason).
Stay tuned… 
Anyway, that’s just a philosophy motivating this project – always nice to know what’s driving something forward. Enjoy!