​In 2003 I decided to write a film script about a computer that takes over the internet and ‘wakes up’. This story began from ‘1st principles’, with me wondering if a computer could solve all the humanitarian issues here in my home country South Africa. And then realising it would need to be as large as the internet, to know enough to solve these problems. And that the machine might need to be ‘awake’ in order to care. 

So this story was developed in isolation from the general conversation going on now about Artificial Intelligence  (and long before we had talking Alexas). So I like to think this gives it a refreshing angle. And adding more value is the fact it’s from Cape Town, which is widely considered to be the cradle of consciousness – where humans first ‘woke up’ i.e. became consciousness enough to create art and therefore to self-reflect. So it is a nice location for the next leap in consciousness! And my story also tries to bring dreams into the conversation – because more than ever, we are going to need to explore our biological advantages over machines.

Getting anyone to read a film script is a challenge – even for busy film producers it is a big ask – to get them to commit a few hours of their time to reading your script. Luckily, I can draw. So a few years ago, I decided it would be a fun project, to, in my spare time, draw out my vision for my film, as a graphic novel. This would help me visualise it, do some more editing along the way, and make it much easier for others to enjoy the story. Especially producers, who could quickly flip through it and price it – see the locations and to figure what some sequences might cost. 

The graphic novel came out in March 2020. It’s having an impact, and is enjoyable in its own right, which is half the point of it. I’m now busy submitting my script to various film funding bodies, and hoping to attract some serious foreign investors. I do think the book would have even more impact in colour, especially for the general public, and give me an opportunity to tidy up my drawing – which were all done by hand in ink! – So that will be my next mini-project – colourising it on computers, and making the drawings look nicer.

This website was created to share with everyone, some of the processes involved, some of the grand ideas behind the project, and invite everyone along on the exciting journeying of trying to make this into a thrilling and meaningful movie. And finally, to share with them this immense story of our times – to get people thinking about what might lie ahead, and hopefully perhaps how to try shape our human destiny, while we still can, as we hurtle into this crazy future of accelerating technological growth! Please feel free to share this site, or connect with me on Twitter. @TheOracleM