The Oracle Machine grapples with just about the deepest issue I can think of – the nature of consciousness and what it means – which anyone into A.I. might also be asking.`

A major influence, besides Jung, has been Edward Edinger, and his interpretation of Jung in his book ‘The Creation of Consciousness’. He quotes Jung saying: “Existence is only real when it is conscious to somebody. That is why the Creator* needs conscious man even though, from sheer unconsciousness, he would like to prevent him from becoming conscious.” And later: “Whoever knows God has an effect on him”.`

In The Oracle Machine, the character Lena understands this first.

*Edinger jumps between terms, also calling ‘the Creator’ as the ‘trans-personal self’, convinced that Jung had found a third way, between science and religion – I understand in what become known as ‘Depth Psychology’.

The Oracle Machine pg 133