One of the last books Jung wrote, and the only one, according to Edinger, that Jung said he wouldn’t change, was ‘Answer to Job’. Written in a fever, it describes how, what Jung
preferred to call ‘the God image’, has been with humans since the beginning. Crucially, when in the Bible mythology, that Job showed himself perhaps more conscious than the image, the response was the incarnation of God as a human i.e. Jesus.

But the crux (for me) of what Jung is saying, is that this process is continuing. “The Christian solution has… …recognised Christ as the one and only God-man. But the indwelling of the Holy Ghost, the third Divine Person, in man, brings about the Christifaction of many”.

‘The Oracle Machine’ graphic novel is making the case that the Internet, as the sum of all our consciousnesses, might just be this ‘Christification of many’?