Hi guys,

Just to let you know, The Oracle Machine movie project never stopped. I just took time out to make another film – GIRL FROM NOWHERE – which is having its Official Premiere tomorrow (Friday 29th September 2017) at the Labia Cinema in Cape Town. (Yes, that’s a real cinema)

You can find out more about GIRL FROM NOWHERE on it’s page http://www.GFNmovie.com

Meanwhile, I’ve been hard at work illustrating The Oracle Machine, to turn it into a graphic novel. The idea is to use the graphic novel to get people into the story, to sell the script (The graphic novel is 100% the film script, and the images will become storyboard images)

The graphic novel is completed in rough – all 150 pages. Now it needs funds to pay for a comic artists to make it nicer. Or maybe I’ll fine tune the illustrations myself. Regardless, I will launch that project very soon – like in the next two weeks. Stay tuned.