I’m back. It’s been 6 weeks since I last posted, but things are still keeping on.
The NFVF got back to me, (5 months after submitting my script) and said they’d like to develop the script on their Master’s program. Which is an honour, but I’d rather have development finance, thanks very much.
I’ve been showing the script to a few people. One super person who’s very involved in internet development, loved it, which is a big boost for me.
I’m still trying to get producers to just read the script, even the first few pages. This is incredibly difficult, so work continues on my animatic. The frame above gives you an idea of what it’ll look like. I’ve always drawn storyboards from my head, but have recently discovered the possibilities of copying…
I went to see an awesome Tretchikoff exhibit recently and noticed how he divided pictured into a grid and copied them. And so did Mucha, one of my favorite drawing inspirations.
So I’m doing the same, taking frame grabs from videos that match scenes I like, dividing the image with prestik-markers on my screen and copying onto my paper drawing pad.
Lena is drawn from grabs of Catherine Deneuve, from a wonderful movie called ‘Manon 70‘.
The frames are scanned, turned into transparencies, then put onto a timeline with music and VO. I’ve done about 90 frames, only another 900 to go… Give me about 2 months…