Busy re-writing the script. Some hangover-tinged thoughts:

1) I write better with a hangover.

2) Same as one. Words are more lucid. And I forget about the hangover.

Actually, I don’t think I can call myself the only writer of this script. I am getting such valuable insight from others. Yesterday sat down for a final session with the incredibly dynamic Nicola, and her comments were invaluable.

She’s a professional actress (do people say ‘actress’ anymore?) and we’ve been going through the script line by line, reading it aloud. Every time she finds a line she doesn’t like, she goes silent and her nose wrinkles in disgust and then I know… she’ll come up with a brilliant alternative.

We’ve had a trade exchange – I’ve helped direct a couple of her TV inserts and she gives me some of her precious time.

This is a really good process and I’d recommend it, and Nicola, to any writer.

Actually, I’ve got a sample of the first Star Wars script. It’s terrible. Unreadable. Which just goes to show – many scripts don’t always come right first time, with one person, they need to be developed. I’m sure Lucas had lots of help…

Special thanks to others who’ve read the script and given input. Simon, Dwight, and especially Anneli, who’s seen straight to the core of it and spotted the flaws.

So, I’m still re-writing, but my confidence is up – I’m sure the script is starting to look really good.

I’ve stated before that I fully intend to make something of this story. Most people look at you funny when you tell them you’re trying to make a film, especially some people in the film industry. They just don’t seem to believe it’s possible. But hey, I studied civil engineering, where we were taught to build skyscrapers. A film can’t be that hard. Maybe a good film is hard to make…

Next on the agenda might be to record a reading of the entire script – using actors – and try edit it into a type of radio play. (I used to work as a assistant film editor, so I know this is feasible).

Alternatively, I might try storyboard the whole script and create a type of animatic. (I currently eek a living as a storyboard artist – check out my work on my site: http://www.storyboards.co.za)

So the idea is to keep moving closer to the goal of getting this great story told… even if it’s just a tiny little low budget festival video, or even if it ends up as a radio play, or a comic book… 🙂