This is Terri and Jessica acting out a scene from my other script ‘The Girl from Nowhere.’
I’m using it as an example to show some superb performances, but also how the script can sometimes be too big.
This was a cold first time reading – and I was too busy filming to be able to direct them – and they did an amazing job, and using the space too. (The picture frame is supposed to be an old bicycle mounted on the wall… hey, it’s improv.)
Terri is fantastic as the older lady who is getting put out by the young girl. Every look of hers carries so much weight. Jessica too handles it brilliantly. However, in retrospect, as a writer/director I might have played down the look Jessica gives the ‘husband’.  The line should maybe be just ‘and a husband…’ and then look at him. No need to say all that: ‘and a husband like him’, it’s far too obvious and explicit.

And this is the wonder of workshopping… it all becomes clear in 3D.

The music too helps tremendously with setting the tone. This is Jerry Goldsmith’s ‘Basic Instinct’. It flips between ominous and playful, keeping the audience upbeat and unsettled…