Hi, my name is Mark and it’s my plan to turn my script into a movie…

Ok, you’ve heard that before… But… this is a really interesting script, and I feel a big desire to share this story with people. I also knwo a bit about film-making and work in the industry.

My script is called ‘The Oracle Machine’ and it tells the story of Lena, in Cape Town, who uses a new computer to try solve the mystery of her dreams, and inadvertantly triggers the machine to become ‘Artificially Intelligent and ‘escape’. The rampant computer program spreads over the internet and is perceived as a terrorist attack by the American military, who set out to stop it, suspecting Lena is part of a terror network. Will Lena survive being caught between these two forces? Will anyone be able to stop the approach of greatest, and perhaps the last, event created by humankind as the machine takes over the internet.

‘The Oracle Machine’ is a particularly interesting story because it deals with the growth of the internet. This is something which has not been examined enough in popular culture. It also deals with dreams, another favorite topic of mine and something else that has not been examined enough. So this script poses the question, what make us human?

This blog is to share ideas and generate interest in my project, get support and momentum, that might just keep this project going long enough it get onto a screen in one way or another. No, I’m not aiming for a Hollywood blockbuster, just a low budget flickering grainy Black and White video to take to independent film festivals all over the place.

I’ll share my ideas about what inspired this story, as well as filmy stuff, like styles, camera experiments, and the steps I’m taking to get production going. The biggest thing right now is workshopping actors and looking for producers, and I’ll share that process with you too.

Thanks for listening and stay tuned…